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pp-tag-cloud-300How can the different forms of advertising (e.g. sponsored posts, informative articles, and ads) and communications services (newsletters, brochures, blog posts and audio and video content) that the PharmPsych NETWORK provides help you to build your brand?

The PharmPsych network empowers you to build your brand with our various forms of advertisement with sponsored posts, informative articles and advertisements.

Our network also enables your business to achieve name recognition by offering communications services such as newsletters, brochures, blog posts, audio files, video content and other proven media methods.

We are able to provide these services because we have carved out a niche in health and education content marketing. Our four core services include communications, writing, marketing and advertising.

The sister sites in our network are community-driven, notification-based portals frequented by our member pharmacists, medical specialists, ancillary healthcare staff, lawyers, medical and nonmedical business owners and personnel, financial planners and media professionals.

Our members already visit our sites and read our original and wire articles and press releases; use our discussion forums; teach our online pharmacy and medical law courses; pen columns and opinions about issues pertaining to their medical specialties, and; take advantage of our clinical charts, calculators, medical calculators, guides on drug interactions and pharmacy videos.

As a consequence, you will have a ready-made, captive audience to view your brand on our network. Our members will view your logo, newsletters, brochures, blogs, audio and video content, promoted

posts, articles and job, subject- or product-specific advertisements from an array of selections that only you can make.

The variety of our services affords you options in an a-la-carte, customized advertising and marketing package you create yourself — with our guidance and instruction — to promote your business.

You build your brand your way by choosing from among our sponsored posts; articles; job, product or service or subject matter advertisements; tailor-made newsletters and brochure formats and designs; blogs; audio and video service or product lines. You can use all or part of our network with any combination or number of our services to suit your business best.

In this way, you make your advertising and marketing campaign your own — with a choice to change it at anytime to satisfy your ever-evolving business needs. In any case, you can’t go wrong with the PharmPsych network choice!

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