Offers Business Directory Listing For Guest Columnists, Professionals

Brentwood, Tennessee

Press Release

Contact: Vladimire Herard

Phone: 800.595.1106
OCTOBER 7, 2014

BRENTWOOD, TENN.,, an online consumer niche magazine and perspectives on topics germane to minority communities, is offering business directory listings for visitors who choose to serve as guest columnists in their areas of expertise.

The website is part of an online network run by, a medical communications company, particularly for pharmacists, medical professionals, medical college students, allied health employees and the public.

It is meant to provide news, work/life advice, resources and a forum for discussing issues facing minorities, medical or nonmedical.

When launched, features on will include national and international news, content from partners and sister sites, beauty tips and trends, fashion, social issues, health and fitness, lifestyles, sports and videos.

To deliver news and content,’s editorial team is seeking professional experts to contribute their recommendations to the site about natural hair care, stories about guidance and instruction of troubled youth, memorable teachers, the importance of African-American teachers in the public schools, winter fashions, photography and the influence of African culture.

One advantage to guest-posting in the PharmPsych network in general for minority columnists is that their businesses can be listed in the Pharm Psych network directories, including the directory of at

The PharmPsych network includes,,,,,, and

F Zaria Chinelo, the founding CEO and president of the PharmPsych network, is a pharmacist, artist, scientist, and entrepreneur. Chinelo possesses six years of experience in teaching education, and web development. She holds dual degrees in molecular biology and general chemistry.

After being hired by Vanderbilt University, Chinelo led urban students to academic success before starting the nonprofit Felicity Motivational Group. She has been honored as a National Merit Scholar and by Texas Instruments for her achievements.

### is an educational partner and affiliate of the nonprofit Felicity Motivational Group. PharmPsych’s mission is the same as that of Felicity Motivational Group’s — to inform minds, transform health, and change lives by providing health and educational services to the general public.

The Group is a nonprofit corporation, and the parent company of Tutor for Good and is the official nonprofit corporation (child) of Felicity Tutors, L.L.C.

The company informs minds by implementing academic support initiatives for students. It transforms health by furnishing wellness resources to local communities. Felicity Motivational Group fosters excellence by collaborating with various disciplines to create an environment for breakthrough innovation, which ultimately has a positive impact on people’s lives.

Clarify Your Business Services and Purpose With Brochures!

MP900422773Why does your medical practice need a custom-made brochure?

Like any other business, your medical practice, too, is complex. Your staff provides a wide array of services that must be explained in detail or your services involve a variety of procedures and processes that must be simplified in written content for your clients to make informed decisions.

When it comes to choosing your offerings for their health or lives you need to summarize the most salient points about what your business or practice offers patients and customers. In addition, the information must be presented in a clear, relevant, orderly and understandable language meant for a lay public.

And you must release basic contact information so your patients and customers can reach you with questions, concerns or appointments. A mere business card, postcard or flyer just won’t do to explain all the vital information about what your patient or customer needs to know about your services

Perhaps, your radiology lab provides DNA testing as well as regular physicals, mammograms, immunizations, biopsies or throat cultures and you must communicate the costs, procedures and the mode of delivery of test results.

Perhaps, your ancillary health and nursing staff must describe to prospective employees the part-time, short-term contract, long-term contract and direct hire work arrangements of your client hospitals and medical facilities, for certain positions. You may need to list the specialty-specific positions required by your clients or outline the required licensing, credentialing and privileging documents potential workers must prepare to be considered, interviewed and hired.

Perhaps, your surgical center must explain the numerous steps of a specialty-specific medical procedure your patients may undergo, starting with the administration of anesthesia to the social work coordination required to transfer them to a skilled nursing facility for post-operative rehabilitation — complete with minuscule charts and diagrams.

No matter what your business or private practice needs — font style, font size, text, use of photos or graphic art, charts, diagrams, stock paper, resolution, glossy or matte finish — the professionals at The PharmPsych Network are up to your task!

Our editorial team of medical professionals, who are also dual writers, graphic designers,  advertisers, and marketers take into account the reading and comprehension level of your patients and target market, including those whose original tongue is not English.

We focus on detailing the services your practice or business offers. We employ graphic art or photos to exemplify the main points of the need for your service. We help you command authority through mention of your education, experience and medical or professional background and that of your staff and their positions.

But none of this fine teamwork happens before we consult with you first — our cherished customer! Our strategist, designer, writers and account managers all approach you to determine your needs. After which, a customized marketing and advertising package that suits your business or practice to a T is created!

Over a designated period of time, we produce and finetune a business brochure that does you proud with its content, message, tone and visual art and that form parts of a larger commercial package guaranteed to secure your patient or customer base.

Remember: your brochure will be created according to your medical specialty practice or business, your needs and your clientele type by a skilled and experienced staff — all led by medical professionals, practicing physicians, pharmacists, and and nurses — just like you — who, too, understand medical business design needs.

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