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Endometriosis-Part-2Reach and Instruct Employees With E-Newsletters

What is the value of medical businesses publishing e-newsletters?

As a medical or nonmedical business or private practice owner, you can connect with your facility employees and your patients or customers with well-prepared e-newsletters.

With the help of the PharmPsych Network editorial and design team, you can extend your electronic publishing campaign to include medically-oriented CD-ROM or DVD publications, e-books, video and PDF documents for your professional peers or collaborators. When the final display is meant for the screen, electronic publishing it is!

Your employees — whether in a pharmacy, the private office of a primary care, internal medicine or family practice physician or a medical specialist, a dentist’s office, a physical therapy center or a radiology lab — can receive their newsletters in their e-mail accounts to avoid having to hoard paper versions.

They can read about the most relevant events affecting your medical services and their employment in an appealing and easy electronic format. With an e-newsletter, you can still produce an engaging, colorful publication without having to worry about page count, the costs of printouts and the use of regular U.S. postal mail or physical distribution.

For your patients, you can offer up content about sound preventive health practices, the steps of particular treatment procedures, the newest medical services offered by your facility or listings of health-oriented events, seminars, screenings or awareness campaigns. A well-designed e-newsletter communicates concern and willingness to connect with your patients.

With medical electronic publishing, your professional peers and collaborators — the businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, colleges and universities and private foundations and other funders that partner with you on accomplishing your medical purpose — you can host medical lectures or instruct about particular disease states or government policies that address them.

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