pharm-psych-establish-your-expertise-300How can the different forms of advertising (i.e. sponsored posts, informative articles, and advertisements) and communications services (newsletters, brochures, blog posts and audio and video content) that the PharmPsych Network provides help you to establish your expertise as a professional in your field?

To support your business, you can post guest columns or expert opinions on such relevant topics in the fields of financial planning, medicine, education,  law, business and more.

Why guest columns, expert opinions and blog posts? Because they introduce your product or service lines to a wide readership audience; establish and reinforce your business identity and authority as a leading professional on a given topic or area; and entice visitors to reach out to you or take advantage of your offerings.

Your knowledge about the issues most pertinent to your field will be widely read, consumed and known by our professionally-diverse viewership — and, in the case of medical or pharmacy private practices, your pre-existing base of patients and new ones.Your consistent output and the relationships you forge with our member base overtime — and in some cases, your patients — will place you and your business in a position of trust, open communication and honesty.

Your online presence is further strengthened with your usage of our Forum and social media, including Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter, Google and Pinterest. Your articles are sponsored by our network and will appear on one or more organizations in the PharmPsych Network. In some cases, your promoted posts will be published across our network, providing your brand with the maximum amount of exposure it needs for your business to succeed and thrive.

Likewise, the PharmPsych network boasts an editorial team of writers, editors and graphic artists who can produce informative articles and visual content about your area of expertise, your business and its most relevant issues. Perhaps, your business is reaching a milestone in the form of expansion, remodeling, relocation, new management, new recruitment or the release of a book or e-book? No problem! We can adapt. Our writers and editors in the PharmPsych network can produce press releases to appear online to promote the new chapter in the life of your business.

We can work with you to generate brochures and newsletters — or retool your pre-existing ones — to accurately update your business information in terms of branch locations, new branches, new management and staff or new names to reflect the new changes in your business. Original and revamped brochures, newsletters and press releases can put your business ahead of the pack and lets your business growth be known.

Nothing commands authority like a well-written, newly-published book. In like fashion, we can promote your book or e-book by allowing use of our platform with the option for our visitors and member base — and your patients — to purchase your published work online, complete with book reviews in print, audio or video formats and press releases. Your book could be the talk of our online forums and social media links. And it would be featured across all our sister sites and network, — widening its publicity and boosting your business reputation.

For an estimate and to learn how we can help you grow your business, please contact us.