magazineGrab The Attention Of Your Peers and Collaborators With Magazines

What is the value of a medical business publishing magazines?

As a medical or nonmedical business or private practice owner, you can reach your patients or employees with a visually appealing magazine, cover, headings and articles about health care issues and policies.

At the same time, you can support your professional peers and private- and public-sector collaborators by publishing their advertisements for jobs, services or products and medical or social-policy advertorials in your magazine.

But should your magazine be financed solely by advertising or should a purchase price, pre-paid subscription or all three sources orfrevenues factor in?

Should your magazine be a printed glossy or be published online? Should its copies be distributed by regular postal mail, in the newsstands, bookstores or other vendors as well as online? Should it be sold on a paid, unpaid or controlled circulation basis?

You decide.

Our PharmPsych network editorial and design team can consult with you on these major questions based on your patient or customer base and marketing and advertising needs. Our team can identify your readership category. We can advise you on the main elements of the perfect cover design — the greatest selling or branding tool of your magazine.

We can counsel you on whether your magazine ought to be released weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. We can help you tell if it ought to be published in digest or tabloid form. We can help you determine how many pages it must have, the type of binding required and the overall layout of the magazine’s pages.

The PharmPsych Network team is staffed by medical professionals – physicians, pharmacists, and nurses; all of whom understand the unique requirements of your medical or educational business. They are professionals and educators themselves.

By Professionals. For Professionals. That’s the PharmPsych Network Difference!