Target Your Entire Network With a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

pp-tag-cloud-300What is the value of a medical business having a marketing strategy?

A medical or nonmedical business or private practice benefits immensely from a comprehensive marketing strategy. A multi-media campaign reaches all sectors of your marketing targets. Targets include your patients or customers, your employees, professional peers and non-peer collaborators. In a complete marketing package, there is something for everyone.

That something can include a variety of advertisement formats and categories and communication services. For advertising formats, this could mean single job ads, spotlight ads, sponsored ads, featured employer ads, multiple-job ads, a resume database and bi-weekly e-newsletter ads. Healthcare and nonmedical professional directories can also serve you as a form of advertising.

For communication services, you can choose from an array of print, graphic and broadcast media in any combination, depending on your marketing strategy needs. Print media includes newsletters, e-newsletters, magazines, online website articles, brochures, press releases and blogs. Design media includes photos, cartoons and graphic design. Broadcast media includes video clips, audio files and radio shows.

Our PharmPsych network of seven sister websites, anchored by, can work with you to develop a process to start and maintain a relationship with your patients or customers, using strategy, market research, media planning, public relations, advertising, customer support and sales.