newslettersReach and Instruct Your Patients, Peers and Collaborators With Print Newsletters

What is the value of medical businesses publishing newsletters?

As a business owner, you reach out to your patients or customers, professional peers and collaborators with your printed newsletters. Our PharmPsych network team can help you do this.

For your patients or customers, you release publications that announce the latest medical or nonmedical services offered by your facility, provide preventive health advice or explain treatment processes for certain disease states.

For your professional peers, you publish newsletters that inform them on the latest services offered by your facility, hirings, departures, promotions, expansions, contractions and government contracts or collaborations with the private, public and nonprofit sectors. Your readership may include pharmacists, medical professionals, ancillary healthcare staff or allied health personnel, attorneys, career counselors, educators or financial planners.

For your collaborators, you print newsletters that chronicle the success of your private-public partnerships and programs. They include the businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, colleges and universities, private foundations and other funds who work with you and support your medical goals.

Depending on the content needs of your print audience, our PharmPsych network editorial and design team can help you choose to run one-page flyers or multi-color four-, eight- or 12-page periodicals in matte or glossy finish.

With the appropriate design format in mind, we can help you publish in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign. We let you select from a variety of text font foundries, templates, page layouts, clip art, digital photos, or forms of scanning.

Your publication can contain a nameplate, body text and headlines or can also include a table of contents, masthead, kickers, decks, subheads, running heads, page numbers, bylines, jumplines, end signs, pull-out quotes, headshots, captions, photo credit lines and mailing panels.

Again, we consult with you and ultimately let you choose. It all depends on your readership. The level of complexity and creative freedoms are totally up to you!