magazineEstablish Authority, Inform Patients, Customers and Employees and Reach Peers and Partners with Print Media

What is the value of a medical or educational business engaging in print media (i.e., newsletters, e-newsletters, blogs, online website articles, magazines and press releases)?

As the owner/operator of your medical or non-medical business or private practice, you can reach members of your network who are most comfortable with traditional print communications — as compared with graphic design such as cartoons, photos and drawings and broadcast communications as represented by audio files, video clips and radio shows.

Publishing news articles, opinions, guest columns, blurbs, advertising and photo captions in newsletters, e-newsletters, magazines, blogs or on websites has long been looked upon as authoritative or instructive.

The level of research, orderly assembly of facts, writing and editing needed for content in traditional print media is in large part what has allowed the written word to survive all other forms of human expression.

As a professional, you can establish your authority and demonstrate your expertise in health information and treatment with your patients or customers, through written content– online website articles and magazines.

Your articles become a source of dialogue among your patients, including in chatroom forums, creating buzz and growing your practice by drawing in more patients and customers.

Through your newsletters, e-newsletters and press releases you inform your employees, your private and public collaborators and the general public about your latest policies, your business’ or private practice’s latest achievements and their impact on them. You can also make announcements of hirings, firings, promotions, new health insurance and compensation processes and programs.

With your blogs, you share trade-specific insights with your medical and nonmedical peers.