It’s not what you say…it’s how you say it. PharmPsych helps you say it better.

We help businesses become apples amongst oranges! At PharmPsych, our catalog of services enables businesses in all industries to ​build their brand, establish their expertise, grow their business, and recruit sustainable talent. ​Our team specializes in forging marketing and communication mixes for businesses of all sizes. We can help you reach your audience in a clear and effective manner. Browse below to explore your options, or checkout our Live Portfolio to view these services in action.  

How can the different forms of advertising (e.g. sponsored posts, informative articles, and ads) and communications services (newsletters, brochures, blog posts and audio and video content) that the PharmPsych NETWORK provides help you to build your brand? The PharmPsych network empowers you to build your brand with our various forms of advertisement including, but not limited to, sponsored posts, informative articles and advertisements. Our network also enables your business to achieve name recognition by offering communications services such as newsletters, brochures, blog posts, audio files, video content and other proven media methods.

How can the different forms of advertising (i.e. sponsored posts, informative articles, and advertisements) and communications services (newsletters, brochures, blog posts and audio and video content) that the PharmPsych NETWORK provides help you to establish your expertise as a professional in your field? Support your business with guest posts, guest columns or expert opinions on such relevant topics in health and education. The PharmPsych Network provides you with publicity opportunities with websites in the Network.

Grow your business with tailored services from the PharmPsych Network. Analyze your growth with metrics that matter such as site statistics and conversion rates. Your business or private practice can only grow and succeed if you have a product or service to sell, public demand for it exists and you have devoted the time and energy to letting the public know it! The PharmPsych Network can help you do that. Our marketing and advertising team can work with you to define and describe your product or service lines, identify a compelling public need or desire and tailor a promotional strategy to your brand for conveying it to the public.

Recruiting and retaining talent is difficult in today's environment for business's. Most investments in recruiting often result in low retention rates for organizations. The PharmPsych Network consistently helps you recruit talent in the fields of health and education. The PharmPsych NETWORK uses its tools and resources to enable you to recruit and retain high calibre talent. Our recruitment packages are priced and tiered for the number of postings, categories of formats — such as single jobs, spotlight ads, featured employer, multiple jobs, resume database and bi-weekly e-newsletter ads –, the number of responses, and the length of contract terms. A hierarchy includes our bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond and corporate packages. Your postings target professionals who are EXPERTS in their field.


At PharmPsych, we make it easier to “say what you say” and get your  message across to the intended audience. Some of our specialties include: 

  • Corporate Training
  • Medical Writing
  • Educational Communications

Browse below to view our other services

Writing & content creation

Whether you need corporate communications, a steady writer, or the occasional blogger, we can create content to suit the needs of your industry. We create unique, high quality content that simply can not be found anywhere else. Our articles are thought provoking, relevant, and on point. Each writer is proficient in their respective language. 

professional Training & continuing education (ce)

Whether you need a full online training course in bartending or an annual HIPAA Review PharmPsych Communications can create the content to suit your needs. We compose training for students, professionals, and employees in almost every field. 

General communications

Don’t get trapped in a bubble! Creating fresh, relevant content is essential to engaging readers in your niche.  But sometimes, you need help bringing that content to the forefront.  Whether you’re creating a live presentation, brochure, or mailing list, PharmPsych can help you make a positive impression. 

market research

Obtaining and presenting current information is important in maintaining a competitive edge. PharmPsych helps small and medium businesses perform market research. 

Resource Optimization

branding & social media management

Your company’s brand is important. So why let it get tarnished? At PharmPsych, we help you connect with your audience. Whether your goal is to get more followers or to interact with the followers that you already have, we can help!

Have you ever wondered if you could do what you do better? At PharmPsych, we analyze your business’s operations to determine how you can increase efficiency. We optimize all of your resources, from your employees to your equipment, saving you time and money.

talent recruitment

Tired of hiring flaky employees? Our unique algorithm helps us match employers with talented individuals. We’re so confident that we can find you the best candidate, we guarantee it! Let PharmPsych help you recruit sustainable talent today!


We’re not done! We also offer the following on demand services to help you communicate better with your desired audience:

  • Public Relations & Press Releases
  • Language Translation
  • Graphic Design (Online & Print)
  • Mailing List Management
  • E-Communications
  • Advertising Strategies
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Software Development
  • Electronic Prescribing Software

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