By Professionals, For Professionals

MP900442272“Why us?” you ask. Exactly what makes us –The PharmPsych Network — stand out from the rest?

We answer: our identification with you, the customer and entrepreneur!

Who are we? The PharmPsych Network team boasts a white-collar, professionally-diverse team of experts in their respective fields. We count among our number and professional fold, physicians, pharmacists, lawyers, nurses, and other professionals in the field of health and education. All of our personnel are dually experienced in one or more of the following fields: communications, information technology, graphic design, advertising, and marketing. As a result, we have much in common with our clients and understand your needs best. We, like you, have been there. With many of us having built medical businesses and legal, financial or medical private practices in our own right, we are all too familiar with the challenges and rewards of researching, launching, maintaining, promoting and growing a business.

Many of us have experienced the mixed blessings of starting and operating a enterprise, especially the first few months or years of weekly overtime in a struggling national economy. We know about the out-of-pocket expenses, the high taxes and the leasing and utility fees. Most of us have, in the past, juggled the multiple roles of founder, president, manager, human resources director, accountant, lawyer, advertising agent and public relations specialist to advance our businesses. We’ve undergone the hunt for new clients while simultaneously facing down the frightening prospect of an 80 percent small business failure in the first year. Consequently, you and your business have much to gain in partnering with us to promote your business or private practice — in the name of community health and education!

How do we do it? With empathy, fluency in online tools and social media and an ability to write and edit.

Our collective white-collar career and business experience enables the PharmPsych team to bring to the table empathy for the white-collar professional and entrepreneur. This makes us sensitive to and able to anticipate the marketing, advertising and overall promotional needs of our clients and to craft solutions that fit your goals and your budget.

Our team also brings fluency in online tools and social media to the table — an absolute must for all white-collar professionals and entrepreneurs. This makes us capable of leading and managing your customized advertising and marketing campaign in the right direction toward your intended audiences, optimizing its effectiveness.

Our network also brings an ability to write and edit to the table. Again, many of us are print journalists and freelance writers, if not non-medical or medical white-collar professionals who have maintained a high-quality column or blog. We fully understand the power of the written word and its ability to influence.

We are flexible creatives who can quickly generate quality content with accuracy and fairness. We can move patients and other customers to act or respond to your product or service lines, whether that comes in the form of a newsletter, brochure, news article, blog, audio file or video clip.

Interested yet? Join the PharmPsych network and let us put our combined talent to work for you!

By Professionals. For Professionals. That’s The PharmPsych Network Difference!